A.A Bukhatir


A.A. Bukhatir, a multi-talented performer, author, and businessman, was born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in 1975.  He studied music as a child, began to sing professionally at the age of twenty, and has since released eight albums, recording songs in English, French, and Arabic.  His live performances have attracted large audiences, such as at the Global Peace and Unity 2006 event in England that was attended by 35,000 people.

A graduate of Al Ain University of Science and Technology, Bukhatir became the CEO of the public relations company Promax ME when he was only 29 years old.  Under his stewardship the company won the 2005 Marketing Effectiveness Award for the best public relations agency in the Middle East.

Bukhatir has also served as chair of the Mcfadden Group of Companies and was a member of the board of directors of the Bukhatir Group.  In addition, he was a senator on the Sharjah Council, which deals with public policy as well as economic and social issues .  Currently Bukhatir is the founder of a mobile game development company.  He is also deeply involved in projects to end childhood hunger worldwide.

Heavily influenced by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, A.A. Bukhatir began focusing his creative efforts on writing novels several years ago.  DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA is the first in a planned series of books about the adventures of a boy who is part dragon, part human.